Redecoration tips for your home – A Mediterranean twist

October 7, 2020

Mediterranean styled home

A Mediterranean style interior evokes romantic images of seaside days, vibrant sunsets and a relaxed way of living. There is so much elegance abundant in the style and decor of a Mediterranean home, relying on rustic patterns and finishes in classic European textures that are low-maintenance. Colours are bold, reflecting the local landscape similar to the region in which this style emulates. To perfectly achieve this look, you’ll need to redecorate using a combination of natural elements, natural light and earthy tones.

What is the Mediterranean style?

The Mediterranean style has taken inspiration from the countries surrounding the region, such as Italy, France, Morocco and Spain. The style pays homage to the rich and warm weather of the coast, the sparkling waters and the everyday sun.

There are 3 types of Mediterranean homes:

Italian Renaissance: Italian Renaissance homes draw inspiration from the buildings and architecture during the Italian Renaissance period. This style is most characterized by emphasised columns and rounded arches.

Spanish Revival: Influenced by Spanish colonial architecture, the Spanish revival Mediterranean homes boast very simple and clean lines with a low-pitch roof and terracotta shades.

Modern Mediterranean: These are homes that still carry the traditional characteristics of Mediterranean influences but with a slight modern twist. There is a strong focus on spacious open floor plans, smooth indoor outdoor living, along with Spanish and Italian influences such as bright tiles and bold colours.

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Mediterranean styling tips:

The colours in a Mediterranean styled home is focused on bold jewel tones, like your emerald greens, sun yellows and sky blues. This is heavily contrasted against the earth-toned textures such as stone and brick to reflect the natural Mediterranean landscape. If you’re unsure about covering entire walls in bright colours, focus on accenting these through details. You can do so by adding artwork in your splashback and textiles. You can also add colour within the artwork of your home to add that extra wow factor.

Furniture pieces in a Mediterranean styled home typically fill up a lot of space, with natural materials like timber, wood and leather. These pieces are big and sturdy, with a classic look rather than just passing trends that you see in modern style homes. Armchairs and sofas are richly textured in different patterns and solid in colour, whereas patterns come through in decorating pieces such as pillows, rugs and throws.

Tiled and wooden floors are a popular choice for a Mediterranean styled home, because of their cool temperature, low maintenance and extensive range of design. Terracotta is most commonly used as it has a rustic old world charm to it, with its texture being rugged to the touch yet smooth to walk under.

Herringbones are another great option to use if you’re looking to modernise but still keep a traditional flair to your Mediterranean home. In a herringbone tile pattern, all tiles are laid at a 45-degree angle with each one lying 90 degrees to the one next to it, creating a “fishbone” pattern.

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If you love the Mediterranean style but don’t see yourself travelling back in time with the styling, you can incorporate modern touches in your design. Take this kitchen for example. The lines and structure of the space is crisp, however the tile splashbacks and rug have taken inspiration from classic Mediterranean looks. This contrasts well with the vintage chairs, wooden kitchen and classic cabinetry.

Typical Mediterranean homes are light and airy, with plenty of sun seeping through in the day time. Using mirrors opposite windows is a popular way to make your home feel larger and the perfect way to maximise natural sunlight in the home. Sheer curtains and light shaded blockout curtains  can also be used to create the illusion of more sunlight and help brighten up any dark rooms you may have around the house. For extra sun in your home, you can also consider building skylights which will open up the space even more.

To have an impressive Mediterranean space, you need to focus on an entertaining outdoor space offering somewhere to relax, unwind and spend time with friends and family. You can give your backyard a Mediterranean style makeover by adding a swimming pool complete with surrounding limestone tiles. If you want to take it a step further, a fireplace will be sure to be a crowd-pleaser during the colder months. Timber chairs can also be added to create a great entertaining area around the fireplace. For those who love cooking, a pizza oven is a great option to add that Mediterranean flair in your backyard.

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If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option to redecorating your home Mediterranean style, adding art and prints can give it an instant makeover. Old movie poster prints set in Mediterranean regions such as Casablanca will add a touch of elegance to your home whilst still keeping within that rusti concept. You can also get creative with your designs and find styles that match up to your personality. Photographs are also a good way to transform into wall art that will look timeless. In addition to that, bringing coffee table books in Italian or French will help further emphasise that Mediterranean vibe.

One of the best ways to bring the Mediterranean to your home is to add olive and lemon trees outside in the garden. Potted plants and palms inside the home will bring the outdoors in. If you don’t want to care for plants, artificial trees and flowers also work just as well. Gardening is an essential part of Mediterranean home decor, so growing herbs in terracotta pots is also a great way to start building greenery – you can also use those herbs later on to add in your cooking!

Place metal accessories on your dining table and tabletops such as candlesticks, copper figurines and incense burners. All of these are Mediterranean accents, and will give your home texture when done in moderation. If you place too many metal accessories, it could have the opposite effect than you intended. Place well-made, intricately accents sparingly across all the living rooms. If you have a fireplace, consider decorating with a wrought-iron fireplace screen.

Metal can also be used as a simple accessory to jazz up items you already have in the home such as on a lamp base or vase. Look for little details such as cabinet door knobs, hinges and pulls in Mediterranean designs.

Once you’ve gone and chosen all the colours, furniture and main decorative features for your Mediterranean home, you can start to play around with other elements that can elevate the look and style of your home. A great option is to consider smaller wooden pieces like wicker baskets that can act as magazine racks or throw holders. Hand-made objects are also a great way to create the Mediterranean look.

If you’re not a big fan of prints and artwork, you can use hats to decorate any empty wall in your home. Simply hook them on and create a feature wall, giving your home an original touch whilst accentuating the Mediterranean style.

An important aspect of ‘going all Mediterranean’ is to blend the interior with the exterior of your home. You can add warmth to your patio with iron fences and a water feature in the garden. Feel free to add a splash of bold colour that ties effortlessly with the interior. If you’re looking to change up the front door, think arch columns with large wooden doors that open seamlessly to reveal the rest of the house. The front of modern Mediterranean homes are often rich with greenery, so don’t forget about redesigning any stairways and patios too to match.

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Words by Joanne Ly

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