Your Personalised Refinancing Report Explained

Finding the right home loan starts with your FREE Refinancing Report. Compare over 25 lenders with our loan matching engine to calculate your savings, new loan repayments, and to find the lowest interest rate available to you.

Your Lowest Interest Rate

Our loan matching engine will compare your current interest rate against the lowest interest rate you could qualify for from over 3,000 loan products from our panel of lenders. We also provide you with your lowest comparison rate so you have complete transparency to help you compare the true cost of a loan.

Your Lowest Interest Rate

Your Potential Interest Savings

Repayment frequency of your refinance loan can impact the term of your home loan. You will be able to see your current loan repayments compared to your potential new loan repayments and the savings you can attain. This will enable you to plan your budget and calculate your true savings over the life of your new loan.

Refinance Home Loan - Your Potential Interest Savings

Your Qualified Home Loan Lenders

Every home loan lender has a suite of loan products available. If you’re not sure on your preferred lender or even if you have a specific lender you prefer, our platform will determine how many lenders you could qualify for from our 25+ lender panel, including Australia’s leading bank and non-bank lenders.

Refinance Home Loan - Your Qualified Home Loan Lenders

Your Borrowing Capacity

Your financial circumstances may have changed since the time you took out your first home loan. If you’re considering unlocking home equity to purchase other properties or assets, this will determine your potential to borrow more with the same interest rate as your home loan, possibly saving you a great deal in interest.

Refinance Home Loan - Your Borrowing Capacity

Your Income Repayment Percentage

Understanding your income versus your repayments will enable you to better organise your finances and make sure you can live within your means. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended you shouldn’t allocate more than one third of your monthly household income to repay your home loan.

Refinance Home Loan - Your Income Repayment Percentage