Pool Designs for Any Space

November 9, 2016

Pool Designs for Any Space

In a bygone era, only homes with a large backyard had a swimming pool. But pool designs today are different. Innovative swimming pools can now be put in almost any backyard, regardless of its size. With more and more Australians refinancing to renovate, what better way is there to add value to your home?

What are my pool options?

The days of needing a large, flat block for a swimming pool are gone. Now there are many more options for pool designs thanks to smaller earth-moving equipment. Excavators are now under a metre wide and weigh less than 400 kilograms. Hence, they can fit into tighter spaces and move more dirt.

Innovations in concrete also mean that pool designs have evolved. Instead of just being able to build a pool on a flat block, now pools can be placed on uneven surfaces. They can also wrap around a building. However, the key to an outstanding pool is finding a good concrete pool construction company. Then, discussing your options.

What are the latest design trends?

Lap pools that follow boundary fences and the shape of the home are sought after. As are plunge pools that fit perfectly into difficult blocks. Resort styled pools that flow over two levels, and include waterfalls are also draw-cards. Lagoon and infinity pools strategically placed in front of windows give you expansive water views. Several even give you the impression that you are sitting on top of the world.

How many Aussie homes have swimming pools?

Australians spend much of their time outdoors, so bringing the outside in with innovative pool designs makes sense. If you think of pool design and landscaping as one, then you open a world of options. A swimming pool is so much more than just a body of water. It’s a home extension that brings out the best in your landscape.

Australian summers are getting warmer The 2014/15 season was the fifth-hottest on record. Also, swimming pools are becoming more affordable. These factors are encouraging more Australians to buy a pool. Furthermore, a swimming pool is a great way for a family to get together and it adds value to your home.

More than 1.2 million households around Australia have swimming pools.


Dwellings with Pools

Perth 18%
Western Australia Regional 9%
Brisbane 15%
Queensland regional 17%
Sydney 16%
New South Wales regional 7%
Melbourne 8%
Victoria Regional 7%
Adelaide 9%
South Australia Regional 6%
Hobart 4%
Tasmania Regional 3%


Nationally, construction of some 20,000 pools takes place yearly. On average, these pools cost around $30,000 to install. Depending on the home and where it is situated, a swimming pool can add around $50,000 or more in property value. Of course, this depends entirely on the pool type, location, and landscaping.

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