Our Top Finance Apps for 2018

November 13, 2018


Ready to take charge of your money? We’ve put together a list of some of the top finance apps for 2018. Chosen for their ease-of-use and ability to make personal money management simple, accessible and even a little fun, you will definitely want to have two or three of these apps on your device.

Money Smart’s TrackMySpend and TrackMyGoals

TrackMySpend is a free budget app for Australians by ASIC’s Money Smart. It’s a fantastic tool for helping you create your budget and keep track of how well you follow it. The app will let you know when you’ve reached your weekly limits so you can stop spending and stay within your budget.

  • Record both personal and work or travel expenses.
  • Track costs for one-off events like a holiday or wedding.
  • Set a household budget with periodic spending limits.
  • Tag expenses such as “needs” and “wants” to help you see where you could save money.
  • Export your data to Excel or other financial software.

A perfect accompaniment to TrackMySpend is TrackMyGoals. This app helps you to set and reach your saving goals. The simple design makes this an easy app to download and start using right away. You can prioritise your goals and stay motivated as you track your progress.

Pocketbook for All-Purpose Budgeting and Saving

Pocketbook has been one of the most popular personal finance apps in Australia for years. It’s similar to Mint, the biggest financial app in the US, in that you can link your bank accounts and credit cards to seamlessly keep track of your spending and saving.

You can set up budgets for different categories and keep track of your customised financial goals. Pocketbook will send you import notifications about spending and finance charges. It also offers insightful tips based on your financial lifestyle.

If you want more than the simplicity of Money Smart’s personal finance apps, Pocketbook offers a more dynamic option for all-around personal money management.

Raizvest for Investing

Raizvest is a finance app that makes investing simple. You can link your credit cards and bank account and set the app to automatically invest your spare change. You can also set up weekly, monthly, or even daily investments.

With Raiz, you can build up an investment portfolio at your pace and keep track of your investment on your smartphone or another device. You won’t pick the individual investments as you would with an online broker account, but you can choose your investment style, from conservative to aggressive. Raiz then invests your money in a pre-set diversified portfolio. With low fees, this app makes it easy to invest and save, even if you only invest a small amount each month.

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MoneyBrilliant for Budgeting and Financial Tracking

Like PocketBook, with MoneyBrilliant, you can connect your financial accounts to the app and then keep track of where your money is going, how close you are to your financial goals, and what you have left to spend each month before you hit your set budgets.

If you want to keep track of everything, including your credit cards, investments, and any loans, the app does charge a monthly fee. But, with everything brought together in one platform, it’s easy to see your finances at a glance. A unique feature of this 2018 finance app is the ability to identify transactions that may be tax-deductible, which will come in handy during tax season.

Pelikin for Better Money Management Abroad

A new finance app for 2018, Pelikin will be available to Australians this year. It’s ideal for those who travel, helping you stay within your budget and protecting your financial accounts whilst abroad.

Pelikin sends out real-time spending alerts and lets you freeze or unfreeze your cards instantly. You can also:

  • Plan and book your trips through the app.
  • Purchase travel insurance.
  • Get paid in different currencies, free of charge.
  • Automatically split bills when out with friends.

Pelikin even comes with a card you can use to easily make purchases when travelling outside Australia.

Expensify for Tracking Tax Deductions

If you have a lot of expenses that can be claimed as work tax deductions, Expensify is a great app to have on your smartphone. It’s a free app that will gather info directly from receipts. Your expense data is then put into a CSV file, which you can give to your accountant when it’s time to prepare your taxes.


MoneyPad is another useful all-around financial app. You decide how many accounts you want to track and then link them to the app. MoneyPad then looks at your income and where your money goes. It’s extremely helpful when you’re trying to stay on top of your budget as it offers real-time data comparing what you’ve spent and what you have left to spend. You can also create notes and set up recurring expenses to make budgeting easier. The only downside is that this app is only available on Apple devices, it’s not available for Android.


And finally, don’t forget to include the Australian Taxation Office’s free app on your phone. It’s not just helpful for keeping track of your tax-deductible expenses and lodging your tax return, there are also different ATO tools and calculators that you may need to access as well. Especially if you are a small business owner or sole trader, the ATO app is an essential asset.

Modern life may come with a lot of resource juggling, so take advantage of the extra tools we have available to us today. These finance apps are convenient, ultra-helpful, and if used regularly, you’ll find budgeting and saving to be almost effortless.

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