Why The Cheapest Loans Are Not Always The Best

Jan 9 2017
More borrowers are looking for lower rates on their home loans, however, switching banks for the 'cheapest' loan may not be the best for your situation.

Forget Super Until You’ve Paid Off Your Mortgage

Dec 21 2016
The value of money is always fluctuating. This means that advice about how to best invest and use it should also be changing just as fast, in order to get the most benefit from it.

Review and Renew Your Financial Arrangements for the Year Ahead

Dec 19 2016
The New Year holiday period is the perfect time to review your mortgage and other finances to get an accurate picture of your financial position.

Our Early Christmas Present: Refinancing Our Home Loan

Dec 16 2016
Christmas time is undeniably a time of celebration for many people. It is something that many look forward to all year, as well as the gifts under the tree. Perhaps one of the best Christmas gifts you

Should Good Borrowers Be Rewarded with Cheaper Loans?

Dec 14 2016
More and more users of credit feel that lenders ought to reward them for their credit history.

Interest Rates On The Rise

Dec 12 2016
Banks are no longer waiting for the RBA to raise their rates. Some banks are already doing so, which means the best time to refinance is almost gone.

Sydney Property Prices Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Dec 8 2016
Property prices in Sydney continue to rise fast, and it looks like this trend is apt to continue for several years.

Refinancing? Consider These Four Crucial Tips

Dec 5 2016
With the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing that refinancing now accounts for 33% of all new housing finance commitments....

Westpac Bank Increases Home Loan Interest Rates

Dec 2 2016
The Westpac Group has raised its rates and other Aussie banks are expected to follow. Now is the time to get lower rates on your home loan or refinance.

Make the Move to a More Environmentally Friendly Bank

Dec 1 2016
Several banks are working hard to be more environmentally responsible. Support them and our planet by getting a loan where it will do the most good.

Aussie Mortgage Holders Missing out on $1.7b

Nov 23 2016
Australians mortgage holders could get a savings of as much as $3,000 per year if they refinance their home loan, but many are missing out.

Aussie Borrowers Taking Home Loan Matters Into their own Hands

Nov 18 2016
Australian homeowners have decided that they are not willing to wait any longer for the Reserve Bank of Australia to make a rate cut.