Thousands of Aussies are refinancing every month – Are you missing out?

Sep 23 2020
During the coronavirus pandemic refinancing has experienced a surge and is popular with homeowners looking to save on their home loan.

Five reasons you could consider refinancing this year?

Sep 16 2020
Refinancing is a way to save money while gaining a home loan with a better interest rate, term or features. 5 reasons to consider refinancing your mortgage.

94% of mortgage holders could be losing out by failing to switch

Aug 31 2020
Many Australians are failing to refinance their home loans despite decreasing interest rates, are could be missing out on saving thousands as a result....

Aussie house prices drop during COVID-19 pandemic

Aug 6 2020
House prices are down - but they haven't taken the drop first expected, suggesting stimulus measures are managing to counter much of the COVID-19 drag.

Home Refinancing Hits Record Highs

Jul 29 2020
New ABS data reveals a record rise in the number of households choosing to refinance while new home lending has had an historic fall.

Why Are so Many Australians Afraid to Refinance?

Jul 19 2018
Why refinance when you can keep the status quo? Refinancing has a lot of advantages. Find out why Australians are not switching even though they could benefit.

Do You Know Your Home Loan Rate?

Jul 12 2018
A recent survey has revealed that as much as 82% of Australian homeowners do not know their home loan rate. Find out why you should keep track of your home loan rate and how you could reduce it by ref

CBA Attracts Investors by Reopening to Investor Refinancing

Jul 4 2017
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently announced they will start accepting applications from investors who want to refinance....

Average Home Loan Settlement Time at 17 Days – Should You Refinance Now?

Jun 20 2017
Find out what you need to know about the current market conditions to decide when you should apply to refinance your home loan....

Commonwealth Bank to Accept Applications Again for Investor Refinancing

Jun 13 2017
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia just announced they will reopen applications to investor refinancing....

May 2017 Property Market Update Is the Market Finally Cooling?

Jun 1 2017
The property market update for May 2017 hints at an important change in the Australian housing market.

Why Rising Rates Won’t Slow Down the Property Market

Apr 11 2017
Suggestions that the Australian property market will slow if rates rise may be unjustified say economists. Instead, many believe that economic shifts and consumer demand will stabilise the Australian