Make your outdoor space even more inviting

September 15, 2020

make your outdoor space more inviting

Lockdowns have meant that it is rare that we even get the opportunity to go outside, so why not make the most of your backyard in order to fulfil any longing to be outdoors? With spring approaching, there’s never been a better time to host an outdoor barbeque or simply sit back and enjoy the natural elements of your home.

If your garden is looking a little neglected after remaining untouched for so long, these tips will be sure to reinvigorate your space so that it’s ready for the warmer months of the year.

A barbeque is an essential backyard gadget for those who like to entertain You can purchase stand alone barbeques, if you want something that is more robust and upmarket, consider installing an in-built barbeque. Not only is it a more effective way of using your space, but a built-in barbeque is easily customisable and can even add value to your home.

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A little shade can go a long way. From pergolas, to patios to gazebos- there are a range of versatile options to choose from. It can create a level of comfort by providing protection from natural elements and can also break up a space to create an entertainment area. Often complimented with some outdoor furniture, this addition will make it easy to relax in your outdoor space.

Outdoor living doesn’t only have to be for the warmer months! If you’re not a fan of the cold weather, some outdoor heating can be a great solution. There a range of options you can also choose from. For instance, gas heaters are an energy efficient option while wood heaters can create a cosy feel.

Going to a bar is not really a viable option nowadays, so why not bring it home? Building a mini bar outside can be a fun way to liven up your space and also enhance your entertainment area. This addition to your outside space is also relatively simple to build. All you’ll really need is a small outdoor fridge, bench space and storage for your alcohol and glasses and you’ll be set.

Lighting can instantly liven up your space particularly if you want to make the most of the space during the night. Consider simply adding in some fairy lights, pathway lights or even wall lamps. While this is only a small change, it will add warmth to your space. The best part is that that the costs and energy consumption will be minimal as many outdoor lights rely on solar power instead of electricity.

If you have a pool, an outdoor shower could be the perfect accessory to accompany it. It will not only be able to add an element of luxury into your home but it will also allow you to feel refreshed after a session of swimming or sport. These showers are usually relatively cheap, easy to install and won’t require much space which is an added bonus.

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Adding a living screen will be able to provide you with some privacy and alone time. As well as this, it can be useful when attempting to section off parts of your backyard. This will add depth to your garden and allow you to create separate living, dining and recreational areas within your back yard.

Some ideas when making your backyard kid-friendly include adding in a slide, some swings or even a sandpit. This is the perfect way to peel your kids eyes away from their electronic devices and instead keep them active and immersed in the outdoors. When entertaining guests, you’ll also find that you’ll have entertainment for the kids all sorted.  

If you have two large trees or bannisters, why not put it to use by using it to hang a hammock? There’s nothing better than lying down on a hammock on a warm summer’s day with a book in hand and a drink in another. Whether you want to sleep, nap or read- hammocks are also the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the view of your backyard.

Some outdoor seats and at least a table are essentials for your backyard. If you’re pushed for space, you can consider incorporating some inbuilt benches into any spare corners that you have. Alternatively for those that can use their space more generously, think about installing a full table and chairs. Consider buying furniture that is also weatherproof as this furniture needs to be able to withstand the natural elements that it will be exposed to.

Toasted marshmallows, the smell of burnt wood and the warmth of the fire can be the most satisfying thing in Winter and can all be done with the magic of a fire pit. A fire pit can also make a great centre point where your family can gather when the weather cools down. To add an added sense of comfort, think about adding some seating around the pit. Before you install a fire pit, however, ensure you are familiar with your local council’s regulations and that the pit is positioned in an area that is away from flammable objects.

Save yourself a trip to the cinema and instead host your own movie screenings from the comfort of your own backyard. Installing an outdoor cinema isn’t as complex as you may think. All you will need is a screen (even white sheets may work), access to power outlets as well as a project and some speakers. Just throw some cushions and blankets into the mix and you’ll have the perfect entertainment system for all those warm summer nights.

Don’t have the money for a pool? Think about adding in a spa or jacuzzi instead. There are options if you’re tight on money, such as $400 inflatable spas. If you want something that will be more comfortable or luxurious, you can purchase spas with features such as sound systems and added massage jets for usually around $15,000 to $35,000. Spas are great if you have a small backyard and have the added advantages of being energy efficient as well as portable.

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Adding in extra plants will not only aesthetically enhance your backyard, but will also create a calming and relaxing environment for you. Variation is key when adding in plants. Think about incorporating different shapes, sizes and colours into your garden to make it appear more interesting. There is a range of plants that you can get that are also low maintenance for those who don’t have time to regularly care for their plants. Some good options include native Australian plants such as Westringia and Pilotheca, which are notoriously hardy and will last through all the seasons.

Water features not only can only act as an interesting artistic pieces in your backyard, but the soothing sound of water can also create an added ambience. Think about adding in a fountain, birdbath, pond or waterfall. These water features may also attract birds and insects, all of which will help to maintain the overrall health of your backyard.

Words by Vidya Kathirgamalingam  

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