How To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

By Jessica Testa  |  18 Mar, 2021

Over the past few decades, technology within the home has changed in so many ways. It can be used to optimise our living experiences in the home or make certain tasks easier to suit our busy lifestyles. Implementing this technology into our home could contribute it to becoming a ‘smart home’.

There are a number of products that could help you turn your house into a smart home, each with their own unique purpose. Using any of these products to turn your house into a smart home could have a number of benefits including potentially lowering your mortgage by increasing your equity and decreasing the loan-to-value ratio (LVR).

Here are some of the ways you can turn your house into a smart home.

1. Home automation systems

Installing a home automation system into your home may help homeowners bring everything in their home to their fingertips. They would be able to control everything from the lighting to the home entertainment centre to the home security system. These things can be activated simply through the sound of your voice with the help of a visual interface and mobile app.

Home automation systems may have a variety of benefits, such as increasing your quality of life, reducing your bills and improving your home security. Examples of home automation systems include Push, Alexa, Google Nest Hub, Samsung SmartThings and Apple Homekit.

2. Smart doorbells

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see who’s at the door without having to walk over and check the window or peephole? A smart doorbell will allow you to see who it is without even having to get up from your favourite armchair.

These doorbells have a built-in camera that is connected to your phone so it can help you avoid unwanted visitors and keep your home safe and secure. Your smart doorbell could have motion-sensing, which would allow you to detect someone approaching your home without them ringing the doorbell at all. Some may even have night vision so you can even view this area in the dark.

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3. Robot vacuum cleaners

We all know how important it is to keep our homes nice and clean, especially at the moment. With our busy lifestyles, it may be a good idea to find ways to do this in a more time-efficient way.

Investing in a robot vacuum cleaner could be one of the best ways to do this. Sweeping can take up a long time, especially if you do it every day. Robot vacuum cleaners, such as the iRobot Roomba 675, could cut this process out of your routine. You can let it run while you’re at work or out buying your weekly groceries so you can come back to a nice clean floor.

4. Energy monitoring

According to a 2015 interview with chief marketing officer for Lennar Ventures Emily Frager, over 80% of smart home buyers are looking for homes with energy-saving features. Using a home automation system for energy monitoring could help you not only help you save energy for environmental benefits, but also save you money.

One of the easiest ways to help you save energy is WiFi smart plugs, which could help you keep track on the energy used by individual devices and allow you to shut them off remotely through your phone or a voice-activated personal assistant.

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5. Smart lighting

Connecting your home to an automation system that enables smart lighting could allow you power over all of the lighting in your home using voice control. Smart lighting may involve features, such as brightness control, changing bulb color, turning them on and off and lighting up rooms.

Smart switches and smart bulbs both fall under the category of smart lighting. Smart switches could allow you to turn devices on or off with voice commands or from your phone. Sometimes, they can also help track energy consumption. Smart bulbs could allow you to remotely control the lights or put them on a schedule, as well as change the color of the lighting whenever you choose.

6. Smart air conditioner

Don’t you hate it when someone changes the temperature of the thermostat outside of what feels comfortable to you? Getting a smart air conditioner could put you in complete control of the temperature in your home by allowing you to do so from your phone. Being able to do this could save you when it comes to your energy bills.

Whether you are home or not, you can change and schedule your air conditioner so your home can constantly feel comfortable. Some of the well-known brands that stock smart air conditioners include Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi Electric and Samsung.

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7. Smart appliances

Packing your home with smart appliances could be just enough to create your own automated home without going overboard. Smart appliances could be anything from fridges to ovens, washing machines and microwaves.

These smart appliances can have functions such as sending a notification to your phone when something is cooked or when the washing is done and allowing you to see inside these appliances through internal cameras.

These appliances could also make cooking tasks easier and less labor intensive. Smart fridges could tell homeowners what is in their fridge at any given time so they can figure out what to cook ahead of time. Since smart ovens can monitor food as it is cooking, they may also automatically shift into warming mode to keep it warm.

Possibly most remarkably, smart microwaves may scan barcodes on food items and automatically download cooking instructions so you know exactly how long to cook something for.

8. Entertainment centre

Getting your home entertainment centre automated is an easy first step to home automation. This will allow you to manage all of your AV devices from one place, to use your devices hands free and to listen or watch from anywhere in your home. Other benefits include increased energy efficiency and device functionality.

Motorised televisions and seamless stereo systems may allow specific functions, such as using voice-activated AI to request your favourite films, TV series, or channels, creating the perfect setting with presets for audio, video, lighting, heating, and cooling, having the channel automatically change at a certain time to catch your favourite programme and have your system lock the doors, lower the blinds and dim the lights when you press play on your movie.

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Words by Jessica Testa


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