20 fireplaces to warm your home these winter nights

By Nell Matzen  |  15 Jun, 2021

With winter knocking at the front door, Australians are looking for ways to cope during those long, cold nights. If you’re in the market for a heating solution before the weather truly cools down, a fireplace is the most luxurious way to keep warm – providing heat, a lovely sound and an unmistakable scent.

We’ve compiled a gallery of 20 fireplace styles to inspire you in your quest for warmth and cosiness.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick is a classic fireplace finish, which can be styled to match almost any design aesthetic. Even the most retro brick designs can work in certain spaces. Complete the look with iron trims for an industrial vibe, or go for a barnyard feel with a timber mantel. Or surround the fireplace with mid-century modern pieces for an eclectic feel.


Traditional fireplaces have an old-world charm with their chunky timber mantel, which often involves intricate woodwork. Paint it white for some provincial charm, Hamptons charm or choose black for a more modern feel. Either way, traditional fireplaces look naked without a quality set of cast iron fire tools and a pile of wood at the ready.

Statement tiles

If you have an old fireplace needing a facelift, tiles are a cheap and easy solution. There’s a tile colour, shape or pattern to suit any design trend. Make the fireplace the focal point of your room with a bold colour or pattern like monochrome shapes or a striking blue. Remember to choose the right tile for the space, one which can handle high temperatures and that is easily cleaned.

Statement marble

A classic marble fireplace can be beautiful but can look a bit stark in certain spaces. Unless you are trying to achieve an ultra-minimalist look, surround your fireplace with exciting textures and finishes. There are also a number of unique and interesting marble finishes to choose from. Just like tiles, you can find marble in almost every colour of the rainbow. If a lot of colour scares you, choose black or white with an accent colour marbled throughout.

Brightly coloured accent wall

Frame your fireplace like the masterpiece it is, with a brightly coloured accent wall. A fireplace should be the room’s natural focal point, creating an inviting place for family and guests to gather around. Emphasise your fireplace further by painting the outcrop of wall where it’s installed, in a vibrant hue. Go floor to ceiling for a dramatic look. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box as you can easily change the colour with your tastes.

All white

An all-white fireplace fits perfectly in a classic, provincial style home. Really make the white pop with a black cast iron firebox or paint the inner bricks a rich black for a simpler solution. Complete the provincial look by topping your fireplace with an ornate mirror and classic vases.


A double-sided fireplace is built into an outcropping wall and heats two rooms, typically a living room and a dining room. They are often modern in style and encased in glass for safety. There are numerous options for wall designs, like additional shelving to store books or logs, reading nooks or a place for a TV.

Modern minimalist

Let the fire do the talking with a modern minimalist fireplace. A paired back fireplace can be just as beautiful, whether stacked with wood ready to burn or crackling and alight. Ensure it’s still the room’s focal point by topping it with a statement mirror or your favourite piece of art.

Bath-side fire

A bath-side fireplace is the definition of a luxury item. There’s a fireplace to match any design style, but a traditional option will give your bathroom a bit of old-world charm. Turn your baths into an event with a crackling fire and a glass of wine.

Woodburning stove

A freestanding, burning stove is the easiest fireplace to install but still offers the same ambience and heat a grander option would. Their classic shape fits perfectly in a more rustic home, but with the right styling, they can look great amongst any dcor.

Floating wood burner

A floating wood burner fireplace is a modern twist on the classic woodburning stove. And can be conveniently placed anywhere in your home as it is fixed to the roof by the chimney.  The fireplace itself is a showstopper and looks fantastic against a minimalist backdrop.

A pop of colour

Painting your fireplace in a vibrant colour is another simple way to give your existing fireplace a facelift. Style with monochrome art to let the bold hue take centre stage, which will look right at home in an eclectic space.


Bring the outdoors in and the indoors out with an inside/outside fireplace. You’ll take entertaining to the next level and enjoy your outdoor area throughout every season. An outdoor fireplace can sit bedside an outdoor table or allow you to create an outdoor lounge room or sitting area.

Art deco

Lean into your art deco architecture with an art deco fireplace. Think gold trim and shiny white marble. Choose an ornate design that can stand alone with minimal styling or top with an art deco mirror.

Original brick fireplace

You don’t need to overhaul your existing fireplace completely sometimes, the charm is all in the warn details. A crisp white room can elevate a long-standing fireplace, and you can tie it all together by giving the mortar the same white treatment. Decorate with rustic pieces, and you’ll have yourself an Aussie country cottage.

Floor to ceiling marble

Take the opulence up a notch by surrounding your fireplace with a piece of floor to ceiling marble. This style needs minimal decoration, as you don’t want to risk taking away from the breathtaking centrepiece. Play around with two types of marbles in complimenting colours.

Traditional trimmings

A fireplace adorned with traditional trimmings is the closest you’ll get to living in a castle. Utilise interesting curves and patterns for the fireplace and the mantel, and don’t forget a grand, cast-iron light fixture to hang in front. Complete the look with velvet lounges for a touch more royal opulence.


Barn house chic

Clad your fireplace with stone for a rustic, barn house aesthetic. There are countless stone finishes to choose from cobblestone, French chateau, true stack and more. A stone fireplace is the perfect adornment for a raked roof with exposed beams. Decorate with overstuffed leather lounges and timber furniture to complete the look.

Stored wood as a statement piece

All the trimmings that come with a fireplace fire stoker, shovel and pan, and mountains of dry would, can lead to a messy situation. Built-in wood storage is a practical and beautiful way to keep your fireplace neat and tidy, and most importantly, keep the wood dry. Choose symmetrical enclaves on either side of the fireplace or a single column that stretches all the way to the ceiling for a dramatic feature.  

Timber cladding

As wood and fire don’t mix, you need a built-in gas model to safely achieve a timber-clad fireplace. A white timber clad fireplace would look right at home in a beach shack or modern farmhouse. Or choose raw timber to add warmth to an ultra-modern room.

Words by Nell Matzen


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