10 renovation apps you need to download

By Emma Norris  |  16 Mar, 2021

Whether you’re transforming a fixer-upper into your dream home or just making some upgrades, renovating your property is an exciting process. After all, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your grand vision for your home come to life.

That said, renovating can also be quite a long and complicated process. There are a lot of moving parts involved and we’re not just talking about all the bits and pieces you have to pick up from Bunnings!

From visualising what you want your home to look like to planning your renovation project and, of course, rolling up your sleeves to actually do the work (or hiring a tradie to do it for you!), there’s a lot to think about.

The good news is technology can help you along every step of the process. From being your virtual interior designer or project manager to helping you hire the right contractors, there’s truly an app for everything.

Keep reading for the 10 must-download apps that will help make your next renovation project a breeze.

1. Houzz

Not sure where to even start it comes to dreaming up your renovation project? This award-winning app is the perfect starting point. Houzz is home to more than 20 million images of home interiors and exteriors which can help kickstart your inspiration. You can search by style, location or room such as your living room or bathroom to help you find the perfect aesthetic for your home.

Not only that, but you can actually purchase any tagged furniture and interiors you like directly from the app, hire local professionals to help you with your project or watch handy tutorials to help you DIY. It’s really your one-stop shop for all things home design and renovation!

Houzz is free, and available for download on both iOs and Android.

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2. Photo Measures

Not in the mood to fumble around with a measuring tape? Sick of constantly having to pull out the crumbled piece of paper you jotted your measurements onto? You will love this app.

Photo Measures allows you to take a photo of your room and use their in-built ruler to get your exact measurements. You can then automatically save those measurements on your phone, so you can easily reference them every time you need them or send them to any collaborators.

Photo Measures is $10.99 and available for download on iOs. Don’t have an iPhone? Try Image Meter instead

3. Reece’s Bathroom 3D Planner

This app does just one thing, and it does it well helping you plan your dream bathroom. You can use their tools to map out what your bathroom is going to look like in 2D. Then, it shows it to you in 3D so you can visualise the end result. It even allows you to add in finishing touches like tiles, lighting and plants by exporting from Reece’s product catalogue, which you can easily purchase if you choose.

Reece’s Bathroom 3D Planner app is free and available for download on desktop computers.

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4. Airtasker

Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was it built alone! Chance is, you’ll need an extra set of hands (or two, or three!) to get your renovation project done. From painting your house and building a new kitchen to assembling a cabinet, you can use Airtasker’s extensive directory to find the right person for the job. Their completely secure platform makes hiring a handyman, cleaner, gardener, or another helping hand extremely quick and easy.

Airtasker is free and available for download on both iOs and Android

5. Dulux Colour App

Painting is one of the most important parts of any renovations… It also happens to be one of the most irreversible! Once you’ve committed to painting your walls a certain colour, it can be difficult and time-consuming to go back!

Paint company Dulux’s genius app helps you eliminate post-painting regret, by giving you a realistic impression of how the paint will look on your walls. That way, you get it right the first time, every time! Design with white surfaces and neutral styling.

Dulux Colour App is free and available for download on both iOs and Android

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6. iHandy Carpenter

Making sure all your surfaces are level certainly isn’t the most exhilarating parts of the renovation process. But it’s incredibly important for achieving the perfect end result! This useful app will allow you to channel your inner carpenter, by giving you all the key tools right in handy one place on your phone.

It comes with a virtual plumb bomb to ensure your constructions are perfectly vertical, a surface level, a bubble level, a protractor and a ruler. Essentially, iHandy Carpenter has everything you need to stay on the right and narrow during your renovation!

iHandy Carpenter is free and available for download on iOs, or $1.99 for Android

7. Home Outside

Renovations aren’t always all about the interiors. If you’re planning on sprucing up the great outdoors at your place, this app is a game-changer. Home Outside allows you to virtually design the landscaping of your garden, using simple tap-and-drag functionality. You can even use the ruler and mapping tools to envision what everything in your garden will look like at scale.

Home Outside is available for download iOs for $4.49. If you’re a Google user, try FloraMe instead.

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8. Magicplan

This renovation app is nothing short of magical. It allows you to take photos of your rooms, then instantly generates an accurate floorplan for you. You can then sketch out your plans, add notes and even automatically estimate pricing.

Magicplan for not only great for helping you plan out your renovation, but also getting accurate quotes from tradies. It’s not hard to see why it’s won awards!

MagicPlan is free and available for download on both iOs and Android

9. Rapid Reno Mate

This genius app will be your most trusted sidekick during your renovation project. It’s essentially like your project manager in a pocket. It allows you to keep track of the admin and financial side of your renovation. From your budget to your appointments, materials and products, it allows you to record everything in one handy place.

Rapid Reno Mate is free and available for download on both iOs and Android

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10. IKEA Place

Let’s be honest every room looks miles better with some nice furniture in it. If you get to the end of your renovation but still aren’t sure you’re 100% happy with it, you can use IKEA’s app to virtually furnish your room.

From sofas to side tables, it used 3D technology to ‘place’ the furniture in your home, so you can picture what it would look like. If you like what you see, you can also easily order the furniture straight to your door!

IKEA Place is free and available for download for iOS. While it’s currently not available for Android, you can use the other IKEA app to help choose your furnishings instead.

From planning your budget and team to designing your dream property, there’s no doubt that renovating your home is a big job. However, that doesn’t have to mean it’s a stressful one! With these 10 best renovation apps at the ready, you can navigate the reno process with confidence and ease.

Words by Emma Norris

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