10 decorative ways to spruce up your home entrance

By Jessica Testa  |  9 Feb, 2021

You may not think about the area in the entrance of your home often, but it may require a little tender loving care. First impressions are everything and this is the first thing visitors will see when they enter your home. Rather than leaving it plain, you may want to brainstorm a few ideas of decorative ways to make it more like the rest of your home.

Here are some ideas for how you can decorate the front entrance of your home.

1. Add some greenery

An easy way to dress up any space is to add a couple of plants. Given that you probably only have a small space to work with, a simple potted plant or two could be all the detail you need. Examples of specific plants that could work in this area of your home include Chinese Evergreen, Calathea Zebrina Plant, Dracaena, Golden Juniper or Areca Palm.

There are plenty of easy ways you can display your plants. You could get creative with a style hack from Kmart and create a clothes rack plant display or simply place it in a decorative bowl on a small table.

2. Decorate with some practical storage

You pass by this area quite often, especially when you are leaving the house. Therefore, this is the perfect place to have some stylish storage facilities. You can store some of the items you may need as you are leaving the house, such as car or house keys, handbags or umbrellas, or perhaps you have a pet and require some easy storage for leashes and toys.

When you are choosing the style and colour of your storage facilities, you may want to think about the interior style of the rest of your house or the nearest room. The size of the area you have to play with is also an important factor. Hooks on the wall could be your best option, rather than a stack of drawers, or even a small table with a couple of bowls on top for small items.

3. Hedge your garden beds

Although these spaces may be quite cramped, you may like to have some space for a small seat or table. Temper and Webster has a number of entryway benches that are the perfect size for the small area you may have with many also doubling as a storage area. Although the cushioned bench may never be used as a seat, it is still a functional and stylish way to decorate the area.

Adding a small table is another option. This way, a small potted plant or a bowl or two for storage could be included to add some extra layer of decoration. Fantastic Furniture has a number of tables ranging in a number of styles and sizes that could suit any entryway that allows the room. 

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4. Add a fresh coat of paint

Another simple way to decorate such a small area is to add some colour to the wall. Although you may lean more towards more plain colours such as greige (a combination of grey and beige, off-white, deep grey or warm white, a bright feature wall of bold blue or blue-green may be enough to lift the space and immediately grab the attention of those who come to visit.

5. Hang some art or a mirror

Dressing up this tight space may require a bit more than just a coat of paint. Although you may not have enough room to have something sitting on the ground, having something hanging on the wall may be your best bet.

A beautiful statement art piece is an easy option to take. Think about the kind of personality you would like the space to have and allow your artwork to tell the story. Alternatively, you can hang a mirror or two in the space to give a similar decorative effect without having to worry about colour coordination.

6. Use your passions

When we decorate our homes, it is important to remember that this should be an expression of who we are as people. When decorating your entryway, this could be a great chance to put this idea into practice.

Think about something that is important to you. What are you passionate about? Maybe you are a fan of the beach. You could give this area a coastal feel by placing some large seashells on a table or cushions with tropical patterns on a bench.

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7. Change up the door or handles

Your decor could be as small as changing the actual door. This is especially important if you have lived in your home for a number of years and require a bit of a modern update. You may want to install a wooden door or remove the flyscreen to give your entryway a whole new look and make the space look bigger.

Although, thinking on an even smaller scale, changing the handles could be the only thing you need to spruce the area up. There are a wide range of handles and locks to choose from and the one you choose could really or break make the space.

8. Fit the area with the correct lighting

A lot of the time, tight spaces like this can be lacking in light. This is why it may be a good idea to install some extra lighting in this area to make sure it is lit correctly, especially if there are no windows in the space.

It doesn’t need to be a regular light bulb on the roof; you can get creative with your lighting here. In order to illuminate the space properly and in an attractive manner, you may use chandeliers or pendant lights or even a combination of the two.

9. Add a rug

You may have a welcome mat outside your door, so why not add a nice welcome rug’ to the inside hallway for them to step onto as they enter your home. A rug can easily add some colour and style to space without taking up too much room, as well as give it a softer feel. Feel free to include one with a nice pattern to liven up the hallway.

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10. Don’t forget the outside

It’s not just the inside that needs attention. Your front yard and external area around your entryway are also crucial for delivering that positive first impression. At the very least, make sure your garden is equipped with flowers to give it some colour and a mowed lawn to give it a tidy and neat look.

You may want to think about building a front porch if it suits the space. It doesn’t have to be large, just enough to allow some shade for guests waiting at your door after they ring the bell. You can also add some potted plants beside the door if you choose, but make sure you move them out into the sunlight every once and a while to keep them looking bright and healthy.

Looking to do a full home renovation instead of just focusing on the entrance? Here is our guide to help you out.

Words by Jessica Testa

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