Your New Home Final Inspection Checklist

Aug 23 2018
Use this new home final inspection checklist to make sure everything is ready on settlement day so you can feel more confident when purchasing.

What is a Mortgage Discharge?

Aug 15 2018
Learn about what a mortgage discharge is and how to discharge a home loan when you need to so you can avoid the hassle and stress of walking into the process uninformed.

Should I Buy a Renovator’s Delight?

Aug 9 2018
A renovator's delight could be an affordable option but it also comes with work and risk. Discover out the pros and cons of buying a house to renovate.

Is Refinancing to Invest In Property Right for Me?

Aug 1 2018
There are many advantages to refinancing to invest in property. Consider these factors to see if refinancing to purchase an investment is right for you.

Buying Off the Plan in Today’s Housing Market

Jul 26 2018
Buying off the plan may offer a lot of advantages, but it can also be risky. Find out what the pros and cons are so you can make an informed decision.

Why Are so Many Australians Afraid to Refinance?

Jul 19 2018
Why refinance when you can keep the status quo? Refinancing has a lot of advantages. Find out why Australians are not switching even though they could benefit.

Do You Know Your Home Loan Rate?

Jul 12 2018
A recent survey has revealed that as much as 82% of Australian homeowners do not know their home loan rate. Find out why you should keep track of your home loan rate and how you could reduce it by ref

How Much Equity Do You Need to Refinance?

Jul 5 2018
Find out how much equity you need to refinance and what to do if you don't have enough.

What Is a Fast Refinance?

Jun 27 2018
Should you see if you can get a fast refinance? You'll save time but you could also save money. Learn what you need to know about a rapid refinance.

What Is Home Loan Portability?

Jun 21 2018
Home loan portability is an important feature. Find out how it works and if you should use it instead of refinancing.

How to Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Repayments

Jun 14 2018
Take a look at the different strategies on how to help reduce your monthly mortgage repayments and pay off your home loan faster.

Can I Refinance With Bad Credit?

Jun 8 2018
When you have bad credit, refinancing isn't as simple as it is for borrowers with good credit. Read on to learn about the potential ways to refinance with bad credit.