Unit prices slip lower in every capital city over June quarter

Sep 28 2020
Nationally, the June quarter saw house and unit prices fall across the property market as the effects of COVID-19 filter through the market.

10 steps to reduce mortgage stress

Sep 22 2020
Reduce your risk of defaulting on your home loan by following these tips to help reduce mortgage stress and keep your home loan.

Five reasons you could consider refinancing this year?

Sep 16 2020
Refinancing is a way to save money while gaining a home loan with a better interest rate, term or features. 5 reasons to consider refinancing your mortgage.

What is loan portability? Everything you need to know

Sep 9 2020
If you're selling your home and buying a new one, porting your mortgage can be a good alternative to refinancing. But, what is loan portability?

How to improve your loan serviceability

Sep 4 2020
Improve your loan serviceability and you will be in a better position to keep up with repayments while having the (budgeted) cash for other expenses.

How could you shave years off your home loan?

Aug 21 2020
Home loans are by far the biggest debt most customers will ever have, but there are ways you can shave years and thousands of dollars off of your home loan.

Buying out a partner on a mortgage

Jul 16 2020
Buying property with a partner certainly makes sense when you're together, but it can get tricky if the relationship breaks down. How to buy them out.

What is an offset mortgage account?

Jul 15 2020
Your guide to everything you need to know about what an offset account is and the money-saving benefits this handy home loan feature can give.

Taking over your parents’ mortgage. Is it allowed?

Jul 13 2020
It's not uncommon for people to take over their parents' mortgage as they get older, and it can have benefits for both parties.

Refinancing a private loan into a self-managed super fund

Jul 9 2020
Self-managed super funds can allow members to invest in residential properties using equity from the fund. Find out how to refinance a loan into your SMSF.

Loyal customers charged high interest – ACCC study

Jun 15 2020
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) inquiry interim report has revealed that customers who remain loyal to their lender are disproportionately' spending more than new customers.

COVID-19 Increases Popularity of Fixed Rate Home Loans

May 26 2020