Dedicated Online Service Set to Be a Game Changer for Refinancing

October 25, 2016

Dedicated Online Service Set to Be a Game Changer for Refinancing

As more Australians continue to investigate the benefits of mortgage refinancing, a new dedicated digital-based solution is set to simplify the process and be the game changer for borrowers wanting to save money, by combining the best of Australian state-of-the-art technology with the extensive specialist experience of industry professionals.

Data Reveals Record Numbers Looking to Refinance

Research from leading mortgage and financial services provider, eChoice, shows that record numbers of borrowers are continuing to explore options in relation to refinancing their mortgage, showing a solid 30% increase in total refinancing enquiries during the first six months of 2016, compared to the last six months of the previous year*.

CEO of the new end-to-end service,, Peter Andronicos, says the bespoke solution meets the demand for time-poor consumers wanting to refinance their home loan to a better deal, by providing easy access to the competitive lending landscape on rates, service and loan features.

A New Digital Solution is Set to Simplify the Refinancing Process

He says: Although there has been a three percent drop in the cash rate since 2011, consumers have had inconsistent rate reductions during that same time and the lines have become blurred in relation to what is a competitive rate – and what is not. The website now simplifies everything, producing a tailored report in just minutes.

Andronicos says as lenders continue to respond individually to respective official rate announcements, many borrowers may be unaware of what their existing annual percentage rate actually is, and would be encouraged to investigate their financial circumstances further on that basis alone.

He says: The portal is all about consumers being able to arm themselves with valuable financial information. It’s a no-obligation service, but is critical in empowering the borrowing public with the key data they need to make a well-considered decision about their future financial arrangements.

All content is delivered to borrowers through a web-based platform showing exactly where they’re sitting with their current loan, against other loans relevant to their circumstances – prompting them to switch and save if they wish to, through the added assistance of qualified loan consultants, he explains.


1 Peter Andronicos, CEO

Andronicos says lender loyalty is a diminishing commodity in the Australian mortgage marketplace as a growing number of savvy consumers decide to exercise their right to choose.

The Perfect Marriage of Customised Technology and Industry Experience

We know from experience that when they start the process of refinancing, they want real people, real service and real savings. So the perfect marriage of customised technology and industry experience delivers exactly that, he adds.

The first-to-market refinancing solution has been developed by leading financial services innovator eChoice, and is supported by the company’s extensive experience and proven reputation in providing digital and call centre support for its partner programs.

Andronicos says refinancing activity will continue to be a driving force in the mortgage marketplace, as Australians look for ways to create efficiencies and streamline their financial arrangements within the dynamic lending landscape and of course save money. is a natural step for Australians to take in today’s dynamic rate environment and with this breakthrough technology completing the search process for you, more borrowers are set to benefit sooner, he says.

*NB: This figure is based on the number of online enquiries related to refinancing, as a percentage of all total online enquiries of 12,665 during July 2015-December 2015, compared to 16,781 of all total online enquiries during January-June 2016.

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