Property Market Update: Strong Start to 2017

Mar 7 2017
Dwelling values have risen across seven of Australia's eight capitals over the last month. Median home values are also increasing in these states....

2017 Set To Be The Year Of Borrower Responsibility

Feb 13 2017
Out of cycle rate movements means borrowers must start taking more responsibility to ensure their home loan rate is in the competitive band,...

Early 2017 Is Prime Time for Home Loan Borrowers

Feb 10 2017
The first few weeks of the year may be the best time for borrowers to take out a mortgage and to refinance....

Refinancing Expected to Surge as Homeowners Become Mortgage Savvy

Feb 6 2017
If you feel like everyone is talking about refinancing, you are not alone. 2016 saw a significant increase in the number of homeowners choosing to refinance....

January 2017 Property Market Update

Jan 31 2017
The Australian property market continues to hold its ground, with pricing increases in most capital cities and total gross returns mostly being positive.

Why Housing Will Boom in 2017

Jan 27 2017
Despite claims that Australian housing prices will fall, market research shows most property markets nationwide will increase in value during 2017.

Understanding Your Mortgage in 2017

Jan 25 2017
2017 is set to become a turning point year in many ways, including for your mortgage.

Choosing the Right Term of Your Home Loan Could Save you Thousands

Jan 23 2017
Find out how you can save by choosing a shorter term for your home loan....

Growing Australian Consumer Confidence Could Support Rate Hike

Jan 19 2017
Consumer confidence in Australia has recently been given a real boost. The average since 2010 is now 4.6 points higher.

Is an Interest Only Home Loan a Smart Move for You?

Jan 16 2017
Here's what you need to think about when you are in the market for an interest only loan or want to refinance to extend your interest only payments.

Experts Predict 2017 Will Bring More Mortgage Rate Increases

Jan 13 2017
Borrowers should not expect a break in 2017 when it comes to mortgage rates.

Top Reasons Why Home Loans Get Rejected

Jan 11 2017
Home loan rejection is the biggest reason home buyers do not take out a mortgage. You can avoid this scenario if you cover all bases before applying for a home loan.