5 Australian Holiday Homes You Need to See

November 21, 2016

5 Australian Holiday Homes You Need to See

Australia’s unique countryside means that tourists can see a lot of different climates and scenery. Perhaps even more unique are some of the homes that people build on that scenery. Here are seven fantastic Australian holiday homes that are unlike anything else you have ever seen.


1. Tintaldra Cabin: Tintaldra, VIC

This unique cabin provides a base for a traveller to get away when he or she returns home. It blends in with the landscape, which has mountains in the background. It features plenty of glass to view the scenery in all directions and an open porch that is as spacious as the surrounding countryside.


Source: Modscape


2. The Pump House: Outer Melbourne, VIC

The Pump House, which is about 50 miles from Melbourne, is a fully self-sustainable small retreat home. It makes do with wood heating, rainwater tanks and produces its own electricity with solar power. This simple home is basically a large room with a full wall of glass to permit excellent viewing of the area. It is located near a large dam with bushland around it.


Source: Branch Studio Architects


3. The Seidler House: Southern Highlands, NSW

The Seidler House is a unique architectural design of open spaces and glass walls. Built on the edge of a cliff in the Southern Highlands, it offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains. A deck suspended over the cliff provides hours of incredible unhindered viewing pleasure.


Source: Contemporary Hotels


4. Ridge Road Residence: Outer Melbourne, VIC

This modern-style home outside of Melbourne offers a lot of spacious rooms. It has large walls made of glass, giving it the appearance of even more space and the opportunity to see the outdoors from almost anywhere in the house. The single-floor house is also sustainable.


Source: StudioFour


5. Alinghi Residence: Rocky Point, QLD

The Alinghi Residence is built to last. It is made of concrete and steel and sits on a sand dune at Rocky Point, Queensland. The home, which also has a lot of glass, enables those living there to be able to enjoy the sunshine and the abundant water. Water also flows around a large concrete deck, which is positioned to provide relaxed viewing of the water.


Source: James Grose

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