6 Ways to Holiday on a Budget

November 30, 2016

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  • Take a cheap flight anywhere, check inclusive rates and avoid expensive meals when holidaying on a budget.
6 Ways to Holiday on a Budget

When a holiday is on the way, you do not need to ignore it or stay at home just because you live on a budget. There are ways you can still travel and enjoy a holiday on a budget with your friends and family, or with others or even go alone if you prefer. Here are 6 ways you can still make sure you get the most out of your holidays.

1. Take a Cheap Flight Anywhere

By doing a little research online, you can find the cheapest flight from one destination to another. You will also want to look at travelling from other airports nearby, because rates may be even lower. This is especially true if a larger airport is not far away, because competition is tougher there. You could save more than $100 by shopping around. Plane fare is also cheaper on certain days. When booking for a holiday, it is also cheaper if you book at least one month in advance.

When travelling on an airline, be sure that your baggage is lighter and smaller than the maximum amounts. If not, you could be forced to pay some rather hefty fees. Baggage fees are constantly changing, so be sure to check just before your trip.

2. Check Inclusive Rates

Some travel packages may be available that are cheaper when purchased as a package. This means that instead of just getting a plane ticket, you may also be able to secure a hotel and get it for less that if you had just purchased the airline ticket and the hotel separately. You can often find these deals by looking for “IT,” which stands for “inclusive tour.”

3. Avoid Expensive Meals

When travelling, always be sure of the costs beforehand. This is especially true when eating meals in hotels, where the cost can be much higher than in nearby cafes or fast food restaurants. Go for places that serve a free Continental breakfast, and then you could make lunch your biggest meal of the day, when prices are lower than at dinnertime. If you get your drinks, including water, from the hotel, you can be sure that you will pay more for it than necessary. Local restaurants will always be cheaper than tourist attractions. Save money on tips in Europe by understanding that it is usually included in the bill.

4. Rent a Car

Before getting a car rental, be sure to compare prices. You also want to watch out for additional fees, which get added on when you are there signing paperwork. Paying for refuelling can be hefty, but you can save money by doing this just before returning the vehicle. Save even more money by choosing a smaller and more economical car. If going to Europe, select a diesel car because it will get better gas mileage. Avoiding toll roads will let you keep even more money in your pocket.

5. Arrange Your Own Walking Tour

Instead of taking an expensive tour through an area, map out a way to drive to it and then walk it to save money. Of course, you may need to pay to get there, but taking local transportation will be less expensive if it is close by. If travelling in another country, some of them, such as Vienna, offer a pass for unlimited transport within a 72-hour period. The same ticket also enables you to get discounts at museums, concert halls, shops, and restaurants.

6. If a Senior, Take Advantage of It

Depending on where you go, people over the age of 65 (this may be as low as 55 in some places), can get discounts on many things. In some places, such as in Italy, people who are seniors may even be able to get in to tourist places for free. Students can also enjoy similar benefits in some places, but an ID will be necessary.

Travelling on a budget is easier when using common sense and being aware of ways to save money. These tips will help you get started on making your holiday travel more economical, and let you have more fun while doing it.

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