10 Small Things to make your home feel fabulous

August 17, 2020

Making a home beautiful is every homeowner’s dream and there are simple and easy ways to improve one’s home. With the hundreds of creative ideas that can be found in the area of design, there is no shortage as to what you can to make your abode more fabulous. Now that most people have also been stuck indoors due to the global pandemic, if you have thought about sprucing up your home this might help.

As there are so many ideas, it can be fairly confusing knowing where to start and what might be best for your home. So, we have helped you by narrowing it down to 10 simple and practical things that are adaptable to almost any situation, whether it be renovating or just wanting a refresh.

Lighting has a transformative effect in the home and if you get it right, you’ll notice all the difference. You can start by taking a layered approach to lighting by combining table lamps and floor lamps with overhead lighting to give a sense of depth in the room. But a striking pendant lamp or a chandelier makes a strong design staple and that will be the focal point in the room. There are different types of overhead lamps that can give you a sense of your personality. Whether it is sparkling chandeliers, or beautiful lanterns, this is a chance to show a bit of yourself

Tiling your bathroom or kitchen from floor to ceiling makes a grand impression and brings a sense of cohesion to the space. Even creating a flashback feature is another way to use tiles to make your home stand out. If you’re on a budget, steer clear of mosaics and choose plain styles like subway tiles, or if you’re an artist paint them yourself! Combining a full-height tiling with frameless showers and a freestanding bath presents a clean and streamlined look.

Many of us think that you need to spend a fortune on art to make your home look great, but there are so many affordable ways you can fill your home with art. You can do this by transforming a room to create a mini gallery on the wall with a collection of different pieces, including photography, framed wallpaper or textiles and family portraits. It will introduce colour, texture and pattern into your home whilst also creating a focal point. Printable’s are another up and coming design element, to which many are free, and can be easily printed and then framed and placed in different spaces.

Depending on the time of year, greenery and flowers, whether real or faux, can be placed in any room of a home to add beauty, colour and texture. If you have a flower or a herb garden in your backyard, or a local grocery or craft store that carries an array of real and faux flowers and plants, choose some and bring them inside where they can add the right touch to illuminate the room. Place them in clear jars, upscale vases, twine covered pots, ceramic cups or even steel containers and proceed to arrange them on tabletops, shelves, niches or other spots. You can even infuse a space with just one large plant or an indoor tree to create a statement plant.

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The front door is not only the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your home, but it also creates an instant visual identity for your home. A coloured front door is an unexpected surprise and it gives your home an individual look. Adding a different handle to match the new colour also pops out to others.

Floating shelves are not just great for that extra space you may need since your bookshelf is full, but it is a beautiful way to show case any antiques or collections and show case your organisation skills. If you choose to place your books there, try stacking them in order of colour or height.

An area rug can change the face of the room. It can bring texture, depth, warmth and beauty to an area. It also can enhance the room by bringing in a pop of colour. You can also use an area rug to give you a framed or outlined effect which can define and anchor a space. If you want to use the rug to enhance your furnishings and accessories by coordinating colours you can also do that too.


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Vignettes and collections are one way of expressing your personal decorating taste and style as well as utilizing a number of items in one area, and they are fairly simple to pull together. A vignette represents a grouping or setting of items usually centered around a theme. The items are placed on flat surface areas where they can bring a polished and refined look to a tabletop, shelf or dresser. Vignettes are also a point of interest and beauty as you can often use your own personal collection of items as they tell a story and inject a dose of personality into a space. A common example of a vignette is grouping of three to five items, in an odd number configuration, that are of varying heights, widths and sizes

This may sound obvious at times, but if you truly want to organise your home and enhance its appearance, decluttering it as well as eliminating extraneous items can definitely add to the space. Decluttering a space will make it feel more open and inviting, when there are files, paper and boxes laying around taking space it can make people feel as if they have interrupted or intruded into your home. It might also be time to take a look at the big picture and store the items, recycle them or find a storage area in your house for it all. Eliminating excess of decorative items or furnishings in any room can also open up the space and give it a chance to breathe and stand on its own.

Rearranging furniture and accessories is one more way to add space to an area, do away with a closed in and cluttered look and shine a new light on what you already own. It is surprising how different your home can look with just a few items rearranged. Visualize the space and make up your own arrangement possibilities with paper cutouts or even go online and find one of the many free rearranging templates that can help you define your space and apply the right items for that area. Your spaces can be more organised and a whole lot more attractive.

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Words by Ece Demir


8 small things that can take your home from blah to beautiful

10 Simple And Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Look Beautiful

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